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MJPTN Pre-Insulated Sleeve

The MJPTN pre-insulated connectors are designed for LV-ABC systems with a neutral messenger.The MJPTN is used on the neutral conductor.

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- Stripping of cable insulation is required before 
- Clear marks moulded onto the connector body, 
information including crimping sequence and 
frequency; Cable size; Stripping length of cable; 
Crimping Die size
- Cross-section of conductor can be easily identified by the color code of rings
- Elastomeric ring and pre-filled grease enable super waterproof performance. 
- Pre-filled with jointing compound
- Water tightness test carried out at 6kV for 1 minute under water
- Insulation tube is made of weather and UV resistant polymer

- Standard: EN 50483-4, NFC 33-021


Aluminum ful

llength L2


Outer full

length L


Dimensions(mm) Color Tool
d1 d2 d3
MJPT 50N 172 140 8.9 8.9 23 Yellow E173
MJPT54N 172 140 9.9 9.9 23 Black E173
MJPT 70N 172 140 10.4 10.4 23 White E173
MJPT 95N 172 140 12.1 12.1 23 Gray E173
MJPT 120N 172 140 14.1 14.1 26.5 Pink E173
MJPT 150N 172 140 15.4 15.4 26.5 Purple E173

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