Personal hygiene protection

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How to prevent respiratory tract infection in winter and spring?

1.Wash your hands frequently.Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer and running water instead of a dirty towel.Wash hands immediately after touching respiratory secretions, such as after sneezing.

2.Maintain good respiratory hygiene.Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or towel when coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.

3.Enhance physical fitness and immunity.Balanced diet, moderate exercise,regular work and rest, to avoid excessive fatigue.

4.Keep the environment clean and ventilated.Open the window several times a day to keep the air fresh.Minimize activities in crowded areas and avoid contact with respiratory tract infections.

5.If respiratory tract infection symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever, etc.,should rest at home, early seek medical advice.

How to protect yourself fromthe new coronavirus infection?

1.The coronaviruses are mainly spread by droplets. Wear surgical masks correctly.

2.Do not cover with your hands when sneezing or coughing.Wash hands correctly and promptly;

3.Improve immunity, try to avoid crowded and closed places.Exercise more, regular work and 

rest, improve their immunity is the most important means to avoid infection.

Do you know what types of masks are available?

The paper mask (No)

Cotton masks (No)

Activated carbon mask (No)

Sponge masks (No)

Surgical masks (Available)

N95 respirator(Available)

Do you know how to use a mask properly?

1. Whether disposable masks, or surgical masks, in fact, there are two sides,

take disposable.masks, the color is dark is the front, the front should face out, and there

is a surgical mask nose clip metal strip

2.The one facing the face should be the opposite side of the mask, which is the lighter side. In addition, the part with the metal strip should be above the mask and not worn backwards.

3.After making clear the front, back, top and bottom of the mask, wash your hands first. After making sure the mask is correct, hang the two ends of the rope on your ear.

4.The last step is also the metal strip problem mentioned above. After wearing the mask, you need to press the metal strip on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands to make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose.Then you need to stretch the mask downward to make the mask cover the nose and mouth without wrinkles.

The role of hand washing in preventing respiratory diseases?

Transmission by hand contact includes water/food transmission, blood/blood products transmission, air droplets transmission, gastrointestinal transmission,direct or indirect contact transmission, etc.Studies show that proper hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections.

Have you learned the proper way to wash your hands?

In the first step, rub the palms of your hands together.

Step 2: cross hands and rub finger seams (palms and back,hands crossed and folded, left and right hands exchanged five times)

Step 3: palm hand hand rub finger seam (palm relative ten fingers crisscross, rub five times)

Step 4: rub palms with fingertips, same as hands (fingertips on palms)

Step 5: hold the thumb of the other hand in one hand and rub

Step 6: rub the palms of your fingers or the wrists of one hand holding

the other hand.

Somebody in the home appears pneumonic symptom,how should take care of?

1. Isolate the patient from the rest of the family at a distance of at least 1m.Cover your mouth

and nose with a mask when caring for patients. Discard the mask after use.

2. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after contact with the patient, and keep air in the

patient's living space.

What should I do if I feel infected with a novel coronavirus?

It is necessary to go to the local designated medical institutions in time for screening, diagnosis and treatment for suspected new coronavirus infection. When seeking medical treatment, it is

necessary to truthfully and in detail describe the disease situation and treatment process,especially the recent travel and residence history of doctors in wuhan, the contact history ofpneumonia patients or suspected patients, and the contact history of animals.

It should be noted that surgical masks should be worn throughout the treatment to protect yourself and others.

Four cornerstones of health

Reasonable diet

A moderate amount of sports

Quitting alcohol

Psychological balance

How do we eat when new coronavirus pneumonia is prevalent?

1.Do not eat diseased animals and their products;To buy chilled poultry from regular

channels, cook poultry thoroughly when consuming poultry meat, eggs and milk.

Separate cutting boards and knives for handling raw and cooked food.Wash your

hands between raw and cooked food.

2.Even in areas with outbreaks, meat is safe to eat if it is thoroughly cooked and

properly handled during food preparation

In the face of the new coronavirus, what principles should be followed in physical exercise?

Follow the three principles: comprehensive exercise, gradual, and consistent.

1. Comprehensive exercise, one is to make every part of the body, every system as far as

possible to get exercise;Second, it is to point to as far as possible widen practice project and

form, in order to develop each.

2. Physical fitness.Step by step, refers to the intensity of exercise should be from small to large,

on the basis of the body gradually adapt to constantly improve the requirements;

Learning movement,

3.Mastering technology is from easy to difficult.Perseverance means to form a habit, practice untiring,until life.

Do you know how smoking and drinking reduce human immunity?

When smoking, can cause the nicotine in human body blood to contain quantity to increase, cause vasospasm easily, bring about the hypoxia of short sex of local organ official, especially the oxygen content of respiratory tract and inside viscera official decreases, easy bring about the human body to fight disease to be able to weaken, alcohol also is such.Promote smoking and alcohol restriction.

Do you know psychological balance can improve human immunity?

Focus on psychological factors

1. Pay attention to the psychological balance: psychological balance, physiological balance,

 to delay the aging of the brain and immune system.

2. Learn to self-regulate emotions and respond to various stimuli correctly: positive life

events increase IgA levels of immune globulin white; on the contrary, in the face of

exam pressure, students' immune response indicators, such as NK cell activity and

lymphocyte proliferation, decrease.

3. To develop an optimistic, cheerful and tolerant character, to laugh often.Healthy people

over the age of 100 have something in common: they are open-minded, easy-going and kind-hearted. They love work and sports.

4.Want to learn absolve: have joy to be able to jump or sing a song, have trouble not to be stuffy in belly, can pour out to the friend

or cry a.Good relationships: boost immunity, health and longevity.Studies have shown lower NK cell activity in lonely first-year medical students, separated or divorced women.

5.Adjust interpersonal relationship: in terms of regulating emotions, it is important to control anger, which seriously affects immune function.Cultivate good communication habits, keep a good mental outlook, pay attention to etiquette, pay attention to communication skills, to listen to more, more appreciation, more patience.

What are the prevention and control measures of the new coronavirus


The patient was first identified.

Isolation: home or hospital isolation for minor cases;

Standard preventive measures;

Preventive measures against airborne transmission;

Precautions against contact and droplets: wash hands frequently and wear a mask

when going out;

Room ventilation;

Cleaning and disinfection: the new coronavirus is sensitive to heat, at 56℃ for 30

minutes, 75% alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide

disinfectant, chloroform and other lipid solvents can effectively inactivate the virus.