Corona virus is merciless

Date: 2020-08-19        Clicks: 1570

  This year's Spring Festival, China suddenly broke out a battle against the epidemic. Pneumonia caused by the corona virus is raging and threatens people's lives and health, especially in Wuhan, the most severely affected area. A large number of citizens are sick and urgently need doctors.

  The war without gunpowder began. The epidemic in Wuhan affects everyone's heart. A group of people went to Wuhan 24 hours after Wuhan closed. They are medical staff. The scene that day moved us deeply. The 80-year-old member of Zhong Nanshan College arrived in Wuhan by high-speed train. There are also a group of doctors and nurses who voluntarily go to the frontline.   

  Looking at the lively stories on the Internet, we were deeply moved. We also want to express our love to help those in need. However, we are also in a locked state. We have neither donated protective equipment nor the ability to treat diseases and rescue people. At this time, we saw that Dr. Qingfeng Chen from Shijia Eye Hospital in Wuhan had a channel to purchase medical supplies from Wenzhou and deliver them to Wuhan in person. He is currently short of money. In order to make charity materials reach the doctors as soon as possible, we have chosen a point-to-point donation method. Although the number is small, this is our heart.

  Everyone is responsible for fighting this epidemic. Let us contribute our strength, victory will belong to us!