Copper clad steel ground rod instruction

Date: 2019-11-21        Clicks: 1890

Copper clad steel ground rod
The copper-plated grounding rod is also called a copper-clad steel grounding rod and a copper-clad copper grounding rod. It refers to a grounding level of a steel rod that is grounded by electroplating, continuous casting, etc. Achieve a high degree of bonding between copper and steel. According to the type of use, it cannot be divided into a combined ground rod or a single ground rod. The combined grounding rod consists of two-threaded copper-plated grounding rods, pointed ends, anti-impact bolts and connectors. The advantage is that it is easy to transport and can be made to have a large length according to the total application. The single-type grounding rod is plated by one. Copper grounding pole composition, convenient construction.